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This is basically a shameless Naruto fan art account, where I will be posting stuff dedicated to my favourite anime- mainly one blue-skinned antagonist whose images pretty much dominate this gallery :D

L.Pilz is a joint pen name for two roommates who share this probably unhealthy obsession, where "L" is the writer and "Pilz" is the artist. L writes fanfiction, so you may recognize the username from where she's currently writing a Kisame x Sakura fic called "Coercion", so go check it out sometime here.

Q: Why Kisame x Sakura?
Well, mainly, because canon pairings bore the two of us, so one day we came up with the crackiest of crack couples, thus KisxSak was born!
...So if you're here to spew hate, go ahead, but realize that it's over a fictional story and that neither of us actually takes this very seriously. It's really just for the cute factor.

Q: Do you do commissions?
No, I don't. I have a real job which takes up most of my time, and I don't have time to do commissions for people. I only make fan art because it's fun and relaxing, and I only like to draw the characters I like, haha!

Q: What about requests?
I don't do those either for reasons stated above, but if you ever have a suggestion, go ahead and tell me, but that still doesn't mean I will draw it.

Q: Do you post art anywhere else?
Yes. I have a pixiv and tumblr account where I post my stuff along with more X-rated stuff, so if you are underage or not into porn, stick to my dA ;)

Q: Can I post your art on another website?
Yes, as long as you credit L.Pilz as the artist and provide a link back here (or my tumblr or pixiv). Please don't remove my watermark either.

Q: Do you only do Naruto fan art or do you have any other fandoms?
Naruto is the only one I post art here for, but maybe I'll put up some One Piece fan art some day too! I happen to like that one as well. But yeah, for now, just Naruto ^^

Kisame Stamp by kathynorrisart .: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot :thumb208622707: nocturnal artist eh... by AxiasAlexa
Hey everyone, just wanted to update and say happy new year to everyone and thanks for the huge amount of comments and faves (and badges) you've been throwing my way. I really love you all!

But I do have to address the fact that there's been quite a few incidents where my stuff has been blatantly stolen/traced over/modified, etc. I want to clarify that I don't care if anyone references a pose, for example, since I think it's dumb to claim ownership of poses, but when you pretty much take my image and put your own OC in replacement of one of the characters, it really sucks :/

If you are tracing or whatever to help you learn anatomy or something, that's totally fine and understandable, but I would appreciate that you didn't post it publicly.

If you would like to use any of my images for things like banners/graphics or whatever on tumblr, that's okay, as long as it's credited somewhere. I also noticed people using my Kisame pictures in their roleplaying to emphasize emotions, and I'm totally okay with that too! In fact, I'll be making a few more expression headshots in the future since I find it pretty cute.

I know I don't make money off of any art I make, but it still hurts to see my art - which I sometimes take hours, and hours to do - get ripped off when people modify it to their own liking. It's not just for me either, I speak for most artists out there - I think - when I say that we really hate this sort of thing. So please think of the artists and don't steal anything that isn't yours! Thanks!
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Miss you ;-;
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please come back
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Even though it's your birthday - thank you for giving your watchers the best gift one could ever ask for - artwork of semi-nude Akatsuki members.
Happy birthday!
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Happy birthday!!
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You and the art you make are incredibly appreciated! I hope you have a lovely day and an even better week.
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Happy birthday, Lpilz!! :iconcakeplz:
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Happy birthday! Thank you for showing us your beautiful fanarts! My reaction to them on a regular basis ->  Swoon~ 
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Happy Birthday!!! birthday cake <3 Have a wonderful day!Sakura (Happy) [V1] 
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